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.cn or .com

Hi all,

My .02 on the big question: If the business has a distinctly Chinese emphasis/flavor, then go with .cn, otherwise .com is just fine. All major sites in China are .com or .net and I believe those sites will stay primarily that way after the popularization of .idn. China is a unique marketplace. The mainland, Taiwan, HongKong, overseas Chinese all have a sizable online and business presence in the world, for a website to do well it has to take care of all markets. .cn is too regional IMO. Plus it costs 4x to reg a .cn vs .com. In short, I

There's another big plus for all extensions. In Chinese there's no plural form for nouns, and there is no tense for verbs, so the names are quite scarce. And it's just a matter of time before China has the largest number of web users. These idns are serious $$$ I believe.

I'm from China and have been in US and Canada for the last 10 years. I now work full time for my online business in Ontario Canada. I've registered >300 names and will probably reg >1000 this year. I'm thinking of starting a site about Chinese idns (not a forum, idnforums is great!), or even a holding company for idns, I've exceeded my budget already.

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