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Japanese Idn.Idn Possible versions? .日本?.会社?。ネット?

Hi! I was discussing with some guys about the possible japanese IDN.IDN , do you guys have any official information about possible japanese extensions? I couldnt find anything official about this, i just find people guessing about it. If some of you already have some available -official or trustworthy- information -not rumors-, can you share it?

My worry is .com, will it become .会社 as some people are saying?I wouldnt think so. .jp is obvious will become 。日本 .If you dont get it, .会社 is not a good name for many domains, specially for people with domains like ローン会社.com as they will get ローン会社。会社 which sounds terrible in japanese, ローン.会社 would sound very good in this case. The same with 音楽.会社 that literally reads music company, instead it would sound much better music.japan 音楽.日本? テレビ.会社 is another than sounds very different テレビ.日本 , テレビ。.net would sound very good for this one. .会社 is a real name, not a short version of com/mercial like .com Anyway im sure it is not going to be this way of using .会社 and people are just creating rumors on .会社

.net as .ネット ? any official? or at least very trustworthy information if there is nothing official about this.

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