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Re: Japanese Idn.Idn Possible versions? .日本?.会社?。ネット?

Originally Posted by Explorer
I don't think there is a reason to panic and fear that Japanese IDN.coms will be worthless or have less value. .coms will always be .coms and ICANN/Verisign will try to map it the way to preserve its superiority.
It is not about panic but facts. If the documents -that i think and i hope are rumors- saying .com as 。会社 thats very bad news for me. Do you have any information about this mapping you are talking? or you are just hoping .com will become a nice.idn because of Icann?

I mean i dont want to keep just guessing what Icann will try to do because we are registering now. we all need hints on the .com .idn discussions. Im not saying .日本 is much better but if all we know is .jp will be .日本 it seems safer haven to register .jp as i dont have to guess what it will occur to my .com if they truly become something terrible as .会社
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