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Re: Competition is going to heat up soon guys

Originally Posted by Olney
I know some of you might think

But I just starting promoting the use of IDN Domains to a pretty young Japanese audience. If Japanese know about IDN Domains the sooner they start using them the better.

There's a Japanese social network (no I won't make it public don't PM me about it)
I have about 580 fans on my personal page. I'm sttarting to push the general knowledge of IDNs a bit. Later I'll be hitting up Japan registry for some co promotions...

I already realize that young Japanese use of IDN Domains are going to be way different then ours. Not saying we don't own really excellent domains I just know they'll get experimental, especially young girls..
Yeah any network like is good, i d also recommend promoting them on livedoors sites, put your adults domains on ero blogs and websites like that, i tend to do so with mine. The other day i said that in japan it is primordial the role and use of the internet by "teens" that use their mom credit cards, and not grandpas that live out of their retirements pensions to buy viagra, because they are the number one users. Keep thinking like that, Olney bring "teens", the advertizing money will go where they go. Horie from livedoor is what 32? very teen...70% of stock daytrading in japan is done by people less than 28 who use moms credit cards to buy stock, very teen...
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