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Re: GoDaddy IDN

I remember asking GoDaddy if they were able to allow IDN registration or if it was planned. I was told that they had no plans to allow registration of IDNs. They were a little snobby about it back then.

I don't think they see it as a 'faith in IDN' issue. They see it as a revenue producing opportunity. They allow registration of dot name, mobi, and other interesting extensions, so why not IDNs? They just had to see a market first.


This means that the newbies will register a lot of junk. This means that the secondary market will jump. This means that the newbies will need education, support, and patience.

Guys and gals, it means that we have to become a part of that aftermarket and be helpful to these new IDNers. Each one of them is a potential customer. Treat them honestly, fairly, and respectfully and help them to see what we are all about. If we allow them to muck up their aftermarket without help, we will see the junk domains flying. They will lose respect for us and the possibilities of IDNing. Whether you believe it or not, they are an essential step toward a thriving aftermarket.

Yes, they are our competitors, but if you really think that you are doing anyone a favor by being snotty to them or ripping them off, you will be exposed. I will have no problem tearing into any of you publicly if I see unethical behavior. I will make sure that everyone knows it. I don't care what you do to me. You can't ban me from every forum. I will not stand idly by...

You know who you are.

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