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Re: ICANN Announces Timeline for Development of a Project for the Technical Test of Inter

>As far as I understand it the NS solution is the creation of .IDN in the root. They would >be separate from any existing .TLD or .CCTLD

Correct!* In final form, it'll just be like any other potential gTLD provider - they'll have to put up their hand and beg ICANN for inclusion. opefully they'll have rules like com/net but they may go bizarro like .pro/mobi etc.

>but there is nothing preventing Verisign from mapping existing .com into new .IDN
>(version of .com). IE. taking all the Chinese .com's and giving those owners the
>equivalent .IDN (in Chinese). This would be up to Verisign however. I'm just pointing
>out that they could do this if they wished to if the NS solution was chosen.

Incorrect!* Verisign may OPERATE the root servers, but they cannot just go bunging in DNAME mappings in there. ICANN/DOC have management rights. Verisign might want to suggest the mappings that it wants to provide for com/net/bz/tv etc, but ultimately ICANN/DOC gets to say which ones go in.

There will be multiple one-way .IDN -> .com mappings. I would be guessing that after the testbed phase (which I can't see any major technical problems arising) ICANN will ask GAC members what mappings they want, there will be a board vote and BLAMMO it's all there.

And let's not forget that it opens the way for all sort of mapping possibilities. .méxico -> .mx etc.

It appears they're going to actually have a live test on the root servers? That could be fun. A fake IDN gTLD and a DNAME mapping (interesting if they use something that might be considered in the final plan).

* Little Britain series 2 "Orchestral triangle player" for the BBC 3 viewers in our midst. :^)
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