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Re: How would you rank the extention?

Since the question is about IDN and some languages are only spoken in one country, as i m tired to say, i would propose:

.ccTlD in one language-one country
.com in IDNs where the language of the IDN can be understood in many countries
.tv -in some domains-

1. is global
2. 音楽.com is an international IDN -it can be read, written, understood, pronounced, remembered...etc- in China, Japan and "kanji countries".
3. ミュージック.com is only clear to be understood by the japanese, and thats why in this case, the ミュージック.jp is much better. Not to mention, the risk of when ミュージック.com become IDN.IDN who knows maybe we will see ミュージック.会社 but whether is .会社 or anything else when the IDN.IDN comes into play, it wont be ".com" but something else, then much better to have .日本

I dont know why u guys dont use as a reference the german IDN market, even when german is spoken in Austria and Switzerland, the biggest number of sales of german IDNs are german IDN .de and not german or Am i confused?

Spanish, russian, arab IDN .com is better than ccTld but i dont think it will always be the cases, as i said tell me whats global or international in ミュージック.com and then maybe ill think ミュージック.com is better than ミュージック.jp, for kanjis okay the .com but meanwhile for japanese katakana and hiragana IDNs i ll keep saying .jp is better. Anyway my opinion and "my mom"`s credit card money
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