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This is what a Chinese girl has to say.

It's about the talk I had with a Chinese girl 2 days ago.

I was using my laptop in a cafe, then a Chinese girl I met earlier on a bus turned up, so we started talking.

After a while, she said she'd actually modeled for a Chinese photo studio, and she was eager to show me her photos.

So, I passed her my laptop and asked to show me the website which has her photos.

Instead of typing-in, she went to Google, then started typing the website address in the search bar.
Being a little baffled, I said to her "Why don't you type-in the domain name in the address bar? That's where it's supposed to be..."

She was a bit annoyed by my comment and said "I like Google...".

Anyway, she got to the website from the search result and showed me her sexy photos.

Whilst I enjoyed seeing her photos, I also noticed that the website title was written in both Chinese and English. The domain name was exactly that of English.

Thinking that it'd be difficult for many Chinese people to spell in English, I asked her "Do you know you can nowadays use Chinese characters in a web address?"

Her answer was sharp. Instead of answering my question with Yes and No, she said "I don't like them" (yes, it's her mother tongue. and she's not even so comfortable in English).

Not wanting to disturb the good mood any further, I just said "ok...." and brought the topic back to her photos.

Yes, she had a bit of temper and I could see that from the way she talked to waitresses, etc. But it was only when I mentioned about domain names she appeared unhappy towards me, which I found rather strange.

This is just one example... one person... one girl... She doesn't represent Chinese people as a whole. But let me tell you, my friends.

I wasn't impressed (though I was by her photos).
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