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China city idn 荆门.net for sale

荆门.net China city $30→→→→→ $35→→→→→$40

domainsite/paypal, thanks

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Jingmen (simplified Chinese: 荆门; traditional Chinese: 荊門; pinyin: Jīngmén) is a prefecture-level city in Hubei province of the People's Republic of China. Jingmen is within an area where cotton and oil crops are planted. The population of the city is approximately 2,984,000 (prefecture-level population). The urban area of Jingmen City has a population of about 350,000.

Jingmen is so named as in ancient times it was the "gate of JingZhou." 门 (men) = gate. JingZhou was made famous in the tale, "The Three Kingdoms" when it was under the protection of Guan Yu (Lord Guan). Guan is revered in China as both the God of War, and the God of Literature.

Contents [hide]
1 Geography
2 Climate
3 Education
4 Transportation
5 Eating Out
6 Economy

[edit] Geography
Jingmen is located about four hours away from Wuhan by bus, and about three hours by train. Note that a new train service was introduced from Jingmen to Wuhan in 2004. Jingmen is very close to many great tourist attractions such as "Chang Ban Po" of Three Kingdoms fame, Wudang Shan (famous in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) and the Ming Palace in Zhongshan (a world heritage site only an hour away). As it is located in central China, Jingmen is within easy reach of almost anywhere in the country, taking about 17 hours to either Beijing or Guangzhou by train, or two hours by train to Yichang, home of the Gezhouba dam project and Three Gorges Dam. From here travellers can fly to many destinations.

Train timetable *****

The main city of Jingmen has four parallel roads:

Changning Dadao - lots of small shops and the big telephone company offices. There are many mobile phone shops here, leading towards the train station.
Jinxia Lu - lots of small shops and schools. Direct route to the city centre.
Xiangshan Dadao - Hubei Poly College (formerly Jingmen University) and most government buildings are here. This is a good resource for foreigners as the foreign affairs office is here. Zhang Liang Fu is the foreign affairs director.
Baiyun Dadao - the inner city part of National Highway 207; a route to the Xiangfan-Jingzhou Highway.
Crisscrossing these three streets are the roads Xiangshan 1st to 3rd, so by using these main arteries it is possible to go almost anywhere in Jingmen. The main commercial area is Zhongtian Street (formerly Jiefang (Liberty) Road) which also crisscrosses the three main roads. Xiangshan 3 road leads you behind the Jingmen Foreign Language school and doesn't actually provide a direct link from Xiangshan Dadao to Changning Dadao. It is however easy to move between these roads with a little exploration.

Jingmen from the summit of Xiangshan hill.Jingmen is surrounded by hills and temples within easy reach. To go to the picturesque Long Quan Park in the city centre (entrance fee: 1 yuan), take the #1 bus (a circular route) on Xiangshan Dadao heading towards the city centre. Get off at the park gates, or at the Jingmen #1 Hospital (just after you pass under a bridge in the city centre, there are some big department stores across the road). Walk about 500 metres to the newly-built Swan Square. You will pass a few pieces of exercise equipment on the road.

[edit] Climate
Jingmen has a temperate climate, with January the coldest month and July the hottest month. The temperature goes up to 40°C at summer noon in summer, with uncomfortable humidity in July. The temperature also goes below 0°C in winter, with snow every year.

Rainfall is high in April to September, with less in autumn (the fall) and winter.

[edit] Education
Hubei Poly College (formerly Jingmen University) is the only university in the city of Jingmen. Notable high schools include Longquan High School, No.1 High School of Jingmen City and Dongbao High School. Notable middle schools include the private Foreign Language School of Jingmen City, Haihui Middle School and Xiangshan Middle School. Notable primary school include Jingmen Experimental Primary School, Red Flag Primary School of Jingmen City and Daqiao (Rail Bridge) Primary School.

[edit] Transportation
Two highways go through Jingmen, the Jingmen-Yichang Highway and the Xiangfan-Jingzhou Highway. The Wuhan-Jingmen Highway is approved but not yet under construction. The National Highway 207 also passes through Jingmen City.

Jingmen interlinks the national Jiaozuo-Liuzhou Railway and the local Changjiangbu-Jingmen Railway. Travelling to Jingmen by railway is convenient, though not fast.

[edit] Eating Out
Eating out in Jingmen will be one of the great delights of your stay there. The city seems to cater for every taste, from Brazilian fare at the Sao Paulo Restaurant, to the newly opened Korean restaurant (name forgotten) located halfway down Da Qiao Xiang. To make life bearable for those who need western comforts, a MacDonalds & KFC are available (Zhongtian Jie).

Perhaps the best source of food in Jingmen comes from the hundreds of small food stalls conveniently located down almost every street. You can find almost anything, from yang rou chuan (lamb kebabs) to baozi (steamed bread dumplings); as well as a range of oddities such as ducks head, chickens feet; and at one time even frogs on a stick were available down a small side street located off Jinxia Lu.

The following content provides informationn on a few of the more popular eating destinations.

1. Jin Hua Restaurant. Located on Jinxia Lu opposite the foreign language school. A very popular restaurant with the expat community. This restaurant is full to capacity every single day during meal times. They have an English language menu.

2. Qian Wei Cafe . Located on ZhongTian Jie (city centre). A popular (and only) Japanese restaurant which opened in 2004. Some dishes can be a little on the expensive side, but service is usually good. Look out for the bowls of "sumo noodles". These require two people to carry them as they are so big and heavy. There are provate rooms available here, but come with a surcharge.

3. The Steak House (I think the name is "Heroism Restaurant"). One of the better-value western restaurants. To go to this restaurant you need to go to zhongtian jie and stand outside macdonalds. Opposite you is a department store with a road either side. The road on the left is Changning Dadao. You want the road on the right. Walk down this road, past a few clothes shops and you will see a small entrance with stairs leading upwards (or downwards^_* ). Go up one flight of steps, meet the smiling Italian pizza guy and go inside. The steak is excellent. Food is cheap and filling.

It is entirely possible to eat out every day at a good restaurant and still have change left over at the end of the month. However, Chinese food is much cheaper than western food and a lot easier to purchase.

[edit] Economy
The economy in Jingmen consists mainly of agriculture and manufacturing. The service industry is not as developed as manufacturing.

The most important industry in Jingmen is petroleum refining. The Jingmen Branch of Sinopec is a main producer of oil products in central China, refining crude oil extracted from Nanyang Oilfield in Henan Province and the Jianghan Oilfield in Hubei Province.

Other important industries include power generation, the production of agricultural chemicals and cement, and beer-making.

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Re: China city idn 荆门.net for sale

new price $35, thanks
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Old 14th June 2007, 03:31 AM
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symatao is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: China city idn 荆门.net for sale

new price $40, thanks
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