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Re: So is the financial crisis really everyone else's problem?

I have seen several different report analysis regarding the IMF releases
Some show higher growth in the developing countries some lower.
US projections also vary on them as well depending upon who is reading into the report.
The projections for India and China seem to be hyper inflated to me as a large portion of funding in these areas is from countries that are having their own financial issues.
It is just a matter of time till those investing in foreign areas will decrease their interest in the foreign market to keep their base financial situation more stable or risk failure. The chance at quick financial gain will keep many of these companies in the market for several more years though I would suspect. This may be why the reports project such high numbers for them. I do not see this as a trend that will stay for more than 3 to 5 years if the markets remain on the course they are currently on.

I still content that the US needs to take a more isolationist approach for a period of time to get its house in order. Focus on new technologies that will impact the world market as a whole. Areas such as agrogenetics synthetic fuel production and genetic health research.
Limit the importation of foreign products and work to reduce the trade deficits and financial drains.'
America does not need to be the worlds police. That job should be based upon a general consensus of all nations, but if there is a threat to the border then the actions of Americans should be second to none.

These are strange times but nothing that hasn't been seen before. It might be best to look at what has worked before in the many years past and use some of the older principals that were once used and worked.
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