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Chance - and in Japanese!

Taking offers on the following Japanese prime generic domains with tremendous upside:

免許.jp ( ) "License".jp this single word beauty is the primary word which refers to both driving licenses and other state-sanctioned legal licenses as well as licenses to practice in various artistic fields such as ikebana, tea ceremony, noh, etc. 34.5M search results on using "". The possibilities here are endless. No TM issues.

フェチ.jp ( ) "Fetish".jp the short and preferred term for all things Fetish and Fetishism in Japan. 10.3M search results on using "". Clearly meant for someone interested in developing adult material or referrals to myriad adult sites. This is a short and to the point primeword, without doubt a key generic. No TM issues.

To save you time, will consider only offers $1X,XXX or greater. Until the end of August, I am willing to bundle and substantially discount the second domain if you buy both.
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