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Welcome to the "new"

Greetings and welcome to the "new" By "new" I refer to:

- A "new" team of experienced server and vB forum Administrators, led by Drew, Bram, and Sergey. (Drewbert, Bramiozo, and Glownames).

-A "new" dedicated IDNF server with mirrored hard drives and 24/7 systems support. **We appreciate your patience this first week as we have undergone the task of restoring the entire database onto the new vB, and are adding new modules and upgrades daily.
In addition the database is still undergoing some tweaking and UTF8 conversions behind the scenes.

-A "new" upgraded version of vBulletin has been installed and the IDNF database loaded onto with a host of new features, restoration of "old" threads, and more features to be added soon. There is some amazing history and interesting reading here, so take some time and enjoy.

-The "new" and perhaps most requested addition.... making the forum UTF8 compliant so you can soon search the forum in most international langugages and scripts (unicode).

-A "new" Moderator team, including Mo, Tim, Seamus, Ryu, Steve Epstein, Gary, and Jerry. (thefabfive, tee1, Seamo, Ryu, sbe18, Alphamale, BurnsInternet).

-A "new" attitude and dedication to run IDNF in a professional and businesslike manner. We have a large and capable staff to help you out any way we can, and keep things the forums running smoothly.

All in all, there are over a dozen Partners and members helping in a myriad of ways with our "new" IDNForums. We welcome each and every member to help contribute and most importantly to bring their friends over to be a part of this vibrant community. If you want to help out in any way, just drop any of the mods a pm.

I have had a lot of emails about this, so here is the quick and dirty.
The journey to acquire IDNF began many months ago, inspired by the many conversations and e-mails among friends and fellow IDNers who wanted to try and rekindle IDNF and bring back some of the fun and comaraderie we enjoyed during the first few years of IDNForums. Once the agreement to buy the forum was underway, the next step was to put together a team of experienced partners, managers and staff to provide the management and technical skills needed to keep the servers and database operating smoothly, and also capable Moderator coverage to handle the day to day forum operations and maintain a professional atmosphere.

Contrary to any rumors, there is no get rich quick scheme here, just the hopes to create a fun and vibrant IDN forum, and help be a part of the greater IDN community in educating domainers and end users about multi-lingual domains. Our goal is to help grow the IDN market as interest builds to navigate the web in native, non-English languages. We have summed that up with a simple mission statement:

Our goal is to provide a professionally run forum for IDNers from around the world to join together in sharing information, creating international friendships, and providing a marketplace for buyers and sellers to create business opportunities together.

So...c'mon around and visit and enjoy the "new" IDNF. Invite your friends to visit, and above all encourage everyone to support ALL of the domain forums and help spread the word about IDNs. There is not a more exciting time to be involved with idn.idn rollouts coming in 2009, and browser support in most countries finally getting up to speed to support IDNs.

Comments and suggestions on the forum, and especially the UTF8 conversion are welcome. We are by no means done, so give the guys a chance to finish working the bugs out. A huge effort has gone into revamping the forum and restoring the database and restoring a great archive of reading and history. There are still some additional modules to be installed on the vB, one being the homepage most are used to looking at. Over the next few days, you will see most of that implemented. If you have technical questions or suggestions, please send them to Drew, Bram, or Sergey. Thanks again to everyone that helped unselfishly with all of these efforts. We look forward to the exciting times ahead are glad to have you here.

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