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Re: Welcome to the "new"

An awesome effort has gone on behind the scenes to get this site up and running again, and congratulations are owed to a number of dedicated IDN'ers who have quietly and patiently invested time and money into resurrecting this forum. But being the modest gentlemen they are, there is no need to specifically name each, as I am sure individual accolades are not what they seek.

At the end of the day, the effort and dollars invested has been for the benefit of IDN's in general. This forum is a goldmine of is indexed too well to let it slip into anonymity and neglect. It is a credit to Bill and his backers who have prevented it from becoming a haven for spammers and bots, and bringing back it to life.

As a member from back in 06 (and there are numerous here who joined earlier than that), it was with much regret I witnessed the apparent demise of the site under the previous owner. Yet with this fresh investment and dedication from the new team, the site will hopefully once again become a hub for domainers from every corner of the globe

Well done guys!
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