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Re: Japan- "greatest opportunity for growth in the domain market"

Originally Posted by bwhhisc View Post
He is clearly out of touch in that names can be had for less that $7 at some of the Japanese registrars like value-domain.
He is mainly talking about in this paragraph. Notice that the "accomplishment" he mentioned in one sentence before the one you quoted was about the total number of .jp registrations crossing the 1 million mark. And as you probably know, is only a fraction of the 1 million. And as far as I know, is as expensive as hell wherever you turn your head to.

Originally Posted by bwhhisc View Post


When IDN Japanese domains were launched by JPRS in the spring of 2001, they worked properly and resolved when using Microsoft's IE browser. But when trouble hit Real Names (the company supplying the technology for IDN resolution in IE) and Microsoft did not renew the contract in May of 2002, the Japanese people were once again domain-raped.

If I am not mistaken, what we had was a system where people coule type in in the browser bar, and then IE automatically took you to the relevant ascii site. Of course, for registrants to use this service they had to set their IDN nameserver to that of Real Names (it's a name of the US company that partnered with Microsoft).

On the side note, Real Names was initially trying to promote the system where people could type a keyword in the Japanese language in the browser bar (without any extension) and then they would be taken to relevant ascii site. It wasn't even domain names back then, just some business deal with Microsoft.

Also, according to one article, it was basically Microsoft that domain raped everyone. Microsoft apparently determined that it was in their best interest to take users to MSN search results than to just one website. That's how Microsoft said bye bye to Real Names and IDN owners. [Caution: The information in this paragraph may be very biased as it's based on only one article whose reporter took information from Real Names website.]
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