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Re: This is what a Chinese girl has to say.

One dizzy, arrogant and harsh to say ignorant Chinese girl who is trying to shrug off her own background to try to be cool (I guess living in Japan) who probably doesn't spend more than 10 cents a year on purchases on the internet - thank god does not change how search engines work and therefore the value of idns...

But on the positive side, she can log onto the English version of my site if she likes (as she probably uses English to search to be cool too when she can) and then switch over to the Chinese IDN site when she has trouble understanding / reading the English one.

But humorous story and thanks for sharing - does give me a giggle :p .
Worry is if the search engines think a keyword in English should match a search in native languages (that hasn't happened yet )

Cheers, Asiaplay
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