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$5 Idn SAAAAALE - Geo, Russian, First Name, + niccolò machiavelli .com!

Everything has start price of just $5. Auction ends for each name 48 H.A.L.B.
Bold = Expiration date. Click links for extra info or examples.

All are on domainsite. (goală.com) - Naked (feminine Noun or adjective) in romanian
2008-12-04 (господь.com) - The Lord, God in Russian
2008-12-16 (creş - Christian (follower of Christianity) in Romanian
2008-11-19 (islasví - Virgin Islands in Spanish
2008-12-07 (niccolò - famous author of The Prince
2008-12-07 (pó - Czech and Icelandic word for pole. Click here for more info.
2008-12-04 (nó - Female hungarian name, also an old hungarian TV show
2008-12-04 (ló - worthless to me, gets ~5 hits a day.
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