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Re: Translation in chinese

Originally Posted by touchring
I'm not sure if this is a popular term in Taiwan or Hong kong, but the formal term for child is 小孩.
I don't think Singaporeans would use 小儿 at all except using it as an adjective in certain special terms, and neither would people in Hong Kong (sorry, sometimes they do, even very formally). But some in Taiwan would.

小儿 is a conversational term used mostly in Northern China, 小孩 is more formal and is used by all Chinese. In some cases, 儿童 is even more preferred.

Note: 99% of Chinese terms are easy to be understood by all Chinese, but how often they use the term depends on where they live and what dialect they speak. Taiwanese terms are also used by Mainland Chinese but the rate of popularity is low compare to the local Chinese ones.

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