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Re: List of all still available one char Chinese

Originally Posted by touchring
Well, there's always the greater fool theory. A meaningless single character bought in ignorance can always be sold to another ignorant person for $20-$80. We've seen this happening the past 2 mths.
Yes, a false impression of the value of these domains is creating a real market for them.

In any event, a single meaningless chinese character has more substance than one of those 2-character letter/number .coms being peddled for couple thousand dollars.
Well, I have to disagree with you on this.

English letters by themselves have a lot of flexible meanings, that's why single-letter or double-letter domains are so expensive.

Example: can represent Human Resources or thousands of other terms, but what can you identify 以.com with? "以" has no any meaning at all by itself.
If you are building houses (or any business) and you tell me your website is 以.com, please do not expect me to still remember it the very next day. or is a piece of fine art. Worth more than $100K? Absolutely!

以.com? Worth $7? I don't think so! :-)

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.
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