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L@@K 27th July 2007 03:38 PM

Jeux-Vidé in auction on Sedo !
Hi all,

I'm glad to present you one of the only two IDN in auction on Sedo.

It's also my very first french IDN sale, so I think we've got 2 good clues which indicate it's a very great domain ;)

Jeux-Vidé (in french)

Ok, I make a little speech to boost this auction :p :

Games market is huge yet but have still possibilities of growth in France as everybody play nowadays !
Perfect to develop a website, with for example downloads, tests, online shop, forums, etc.
But also good investment for future.

This domain have several advantages which make a good name:
- simple and obvious
- easy to remember (Jeux-Vidé, tous les Jeux Vidéos du Net ! / All video games from Net !)
- perfect for SEO because it's a combo of two big keys
- .net so internationnal. you can resell it in the future to another francophone market (Belgium, Quebec, Swiss, Africa, Maghreb...)
- Very often searched, very very good OVT results !

- 231 292 OVT Fr results !!!
- 21 300 000 results

- No reserve !
- Start at 150€, near $200

Here's the link for the auction:

Thank you and good auction


jose 27th July 2007 04:10 PM

Re: Jeux-Vidé in auction on Sedo !
Is this your? Correct translation is

L@@K 27th July 2007 04:18 PM

Re: Jeux-Vidé in auction on Sedo !

I received a PM about the big hyphen question ...

So I will try to explain this little particular thing we love.

In France, we often like it because it's all simply more easy to read.
It's why if you ask on a french forum for example (I know Dabsi did it, because he didn't understand as well), they mainly prefer with hyphen.
All simply !

Maybe you've got less typ-in but you've got also more chance to sell it :p
I would precise as well I've got example where typ-in with hyphen > typ-in without hyphen

I hope I helped you to understand this.

Best Regards and good auction



Originally Posted by jose
Is this your? Correct translation is

Ok, thanks for your correction.
Yes it's mine José.
As I said, there's only 2 IDN on auction on Sedo + it's my very first FRENCH IDN sale (I've got hundreds) so we have TWO good clues which indicate its quality.

Even I don't buy bad domains, I prefer bad extensions !

Edited: To be honnest, I don't know for the correct translation, I think Jeux-vidéos (with s) is the real spelling in french instead of Jeux-vidéo (without s), but i'm not sure... (when I said to you french language is difficult... it's even for us!)
So I think the correct translation would be IMHO !
But, other francophones can maybe help us!

L@@K 2nd August 2007 11:14 PM

Re: Jeux-Vidé in auction on Sedo !
Few hours before auction end. :)


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