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Re: Highly commercial top tier for sale,the best one has 250+ avertisers on it

I see,it seems I should give more analysis on domains.
mm,good idea.

I just feel sometimes if giving more clues to buyers,buyers will be misdirected,because Chinese idn is not only words ,it is also a culutre.
I see many buyers here bought wrong idn other than they factually wanted to buy and paid lots of money,very likely this is true and happen from time to time.

these domains will not be available for registeration in 5 years,unless buyers gave them up,just like 银行.com

I am not joking or showing any negative feeling when I said:not for sale in 2009 .

I might have little time to sell these domains one by one on forums,something like this,and will not accept offer lower than 5000 USD on average for sure

I know what I paid for the domains and I know what I should get from these domains.So price of these domains in my eyes are not big issue.

No need to mention their value,,there is a tool,very easy to check something ,but I do need to prepare more detailed to buyers,so they can understand they should buy them earlier,thanks a lot.

I might provide more details analysis on each domains in this month,if not we will whether in future,if they are still for sale.
1000 or so for sale,including media,home loan,diamond ring,bread,shell,scissors,online dating,etc,all are business domains,
We can sell one by one or sell them in all.
as for price,this would be a million dollars sale for the 1000 domains,thanks. To Transfer or register中国, visit

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