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Re: LOAN (.) net - ссуда.net - Russian

кредит is not a translit. кредит and ссуда are somewhat similar terms meaning "loan" in English but with slightly different meaning in Russian. Although they sometimes are used interchancheably, "кредит" is always the "bank credit", i.e. monies that the bank loans and that need to be returned with interest (also see "кредитные карточки").

"ссуда" ruther means loan on collateral (as in mortgage), loan that often does not bear interest (as in the case the employer loans company money to the employee without interest or State loans (with or without interest)to a Company) etc.
"ссуда" can also be loaning of goods (even food). So "ссуда" in practice is a more global term but in case of "bank money loan with interest", the correct term is "кредит". So, it's wrong to imply that "ссуда" is the main term in Russian with the meaning of "loan" and of course "кредит" is not a translit.
Hope this helps.

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