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Re: LOAN (.) net - ссуда.net - Russian

Here is translation help so you can understand the difference between ссуда, заем and кредит. Your term is one of three used for "loan". It is not the main term but one of the three with a definite semantic meaning (which I let you decode yourself).
And credit is not a translit, of course, as you claimed but the main term for "unsecured bank loan with interest".

1. заем; 2. давать взаймы; 3. ссуда; 4. ссужать; предоставлять ссуду; ~ at interest процентный заем;~ at notice/on call заем до востребования; ~ commitment обязательство кредитора; ~ on collateral заем под двойное обеспечение; ~ of money денежный заем; ~ value размер кредита; bad ~ не погашенная в срок ссуда; bank ~ банковский заем, банковская ссуда; consolidation ~ консолидированная задолженность; long sighted/long term ~ долгосрочный заем; mortgage/real estate ~ ссуда под недвижимость, ипотечная ссуда; secured ~ обеспеченный кредит; short ~ краткосрочный заем; straight ~ необеспеченный заем.
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