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Re: .cn deletion policy & dynadot practice

Yeah, the problem at dynadot is that they admitted to me that they do not have even one Chinese literate staff member (came out when I asked their advice on a transfer form from a China based registrar to them) - so I guess they get stuck when anything falls outside of the normal procedure.

What perhaps dynadot should be doing, is telling people "your .cn IDN will be automatically deleted on the day it expires if not renewed before it expires on XXX date - there is no grace deletion period for .cn, so please renew before the expiry date if you wish to retain your IDN" and highlighting this in bold, when they send out the renewal reminders.

Jose, I understand you have some contact with dynadot staff (apologies if I misunderstood and you don't) - perhaps you could suggest this to them...

To be honest, apart from this, I do like having my domains at dynadot and so far have found them honest with pricing etc. etc. (but I also hope if any disputes arise over .cn or any other extension that they are a registrar for, that they do and can take an active role in supporting those who support them).

Personally... so far I have renewed prior to the domain expiry date - so I have not come across any problems.

Cheers - Asiaplay
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