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Re: Virtually 100% of type-in traffic for Chinese domains is from China.

4 names that contribute 95% of traffic are .com adult names with US OVT 1000-3000, i do not have comparable .cn adult names.

Once i get a chance to park more names, i'll put out findings on how the extensions compare. In the meantime, i'll start to plan getting the domains indexed by search engines.

Food for thought - .jp get much less traffic than .com, but people place a higher premium on .jp, which isn't surprising since end users for japanese names come from Japan, and what does a japanese bank executive care about type-in traffic - he is buying the name and the jp extension. As for traffic, his bank's marketing department has the money and will be responsible for creating advertisements to attract the correct visitors.

I personally think .com is still the preferred extension for Chinese websites on a similar keyword comparison basis. Nevertheless, if you got 保险.公司, it is still worth more than 99.99% of Chinese .com.

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