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Re: Where to

I understand that most people here just use (price is ok with them and actually cheaper than most China registrars I have stumbled across) - I keep mine there...

Just one thing to note, is that if you choose to use any of the China based registrars, that transferring an IDN can be a real hassle!
i.e. you will need to fill in manual forms in Chinese and provide ID proof along with those forms, in order to complete a transfer (this is a hassle even if you and the person receiving the IDN, can both read Chinese fluently).
Basically they do not use a auth code online transfer system - instead, it is paperwork intensive... (and the China based ones I have tried, didn't use SSL for account management - which is not professional or acceptable as far as I am concerned).

Perhaps others here will be able to recommend an alternative to you.... cheers, Asiaplay

PS: there is a limited number of registrars outside of China for .cn ...
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