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Re: Virtually 100% of type-in traffic for Chinese domains is from China.

Originally Posted by touchring
Whenever a Chinese consumer buys a product from or using credit card, money is paid overseas.

Well, anyone who knows chinese will know the paper can't cover fire logic. If it's not legal, people won't do it, there must be a loophole in law or it is legally permissible.
Yes, you are right here. You can do a lot of things in China if you know how to take advantage of these loopholes, but the trick is you have to do it quietly, too much publicity will kill even very legal business.

I have followed the progress of SC since day 1. I really want them to succeed and they are doing very good job. I park some of my domains at SC, but the good ones are at other ads companies, they are not PPC type company. I actually buy Chinse traffic for these companies.

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.
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