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Re: 繁体“.中國”域名预计5月开放注册

Thanks Haomi!

Interesting... so .cn goes to dns root first, of all externsions it seems (IDN.IDN is arriving at last!) - this news sugguests a date of May 2009 for to be impliemented in the DNS root!!!
Thats only 2 months away!!!

Also... not surprising (basically sensible) - but also good news...
"All "IDN. CN" domain name registered users, will automatically receive the corresponding "Chinese. Chinese" simplified and traditional domain name, without a separate registeration being required."
This means we automatically get "IDN。中国" and "IDN。中國" !!!

Good news for .cn IDN owners

Cheers - Asiaplay

PS: last comment there will have some of you laughing perhaps...
"Some analysts think the move (of giving registrations without charge to current owners) was taken to promote .cn IDNs, but was also taken in order to prevent speculation of the new Chinese domain name system by speculators!"
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