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Re: 繁体“.中國”域名预计5月开放注册

Originally Posted by Wot View Post
Ta- very pleased I went the .cn route and not the .com - I envisage .cn being to China what .de is to Germany.
I totally agree... give me the ccTLD for China, Japan or Korea and I prefer it 100 times over the gTLD... like Germany, these markets are very language linked to a specific country (yes - even Chinese guys... traditional prevails in the other two Chinese markets).
Interesting enough for my niche area I own .cn, .hk and .tw (didn't even bother with .com, .net etc. as I do not even see them as serious competitors... especially considering they are parked offshore - so don't even get picked up at all). Unfortunately for Germany I had to settle for a .biz (trying to get top German keywords in my niche for .de or even .com or .net, that are not already in use, is near impossible) - just lucky I was here in time for the Asian ones.

Know others here will disagree strongly - but if IDN.IDN happens for ccTLD and not for a long time for gTLD (or at all)... I am already sure what will be preferred over the next 8+ years.

Wot, do keep me posted on what happens to interest after IDN.IDN for .cn (will be interested to hear) - cheers, Asiaplay

PS: gTLD is great for Spanish or Arabic (i.e. languages which are not country linked)

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