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EURID: Introduction of IDNS at eu-domains ath the end of 2009

EURID-Registrar Secura has announced today, that the company will accept the pre-registration of IDNs at .eu since today.

EURID has decided to introduce soon IDNs. The date of introducing the IDN-eu-domains shall be the end of 2009.

Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names that may contain non-ASCII characters. An example for an special character is e.g. รจ. These special characters include letters with accents and characters in non-Latin languages such as Greek, for example.

The public policy rules for eu-domains states, "The Registry shall perform the registration of domain names in all the alphabetic characters of the official languages when adequate international standards become available."

The implementation of IDNs at eu-domains will support all characters of all the 23 official EU languages.

A sunrise phase in order to protect the holders of trade marks is planned.

The sunrise will be structured through several phases depending on the kind of right claimed by the applicant. During each phase, an applicant can apply for a domain name through a EURid accredited registrar like Secura ( At this stage, there is no first-come-first-served rush and the registrar can take appropriate time for entering the application as long as it is entered into the system before the deadline of the corresponding phase.

Each application is going to be checked by a competent, external party which will evaluate the validity of the rights and the compliance with the rules. If only one application passes the evaluation for a domain name, the domain name is assigned to that applicant.

Should there be more than one application complying with the rules and with valid rights, those applicants will receive a code to be used at the time registrations will be open to anyone (landrush). At that time, the first applicant with a valid code that applies for that domain name and fulfills the criteria will have the domain name assigned.

During the sunrise, there will also be the possibility to correct minor errors.

Hans-Peter Oswald
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