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Re: Just lost a .cn domain

Originally Posted by mulligan View Post
People came to this forum with the claim that if you 'owned' an for more than 15 days you were 'safe' .. this turned out to be bullshit.
One or two people tell you this, and they now form your 'global' view on this issue?! :o The truth is, CNNIC are probably far more honest and upfront than "Verisign"; they say, very clearly "no porn", the situ with Netsol/Verisign however is a little more insidious...

Speaking from my own experience, in 1996 I successfully regged 4 extr. generic 'adult' names in .com. They had taken my money, and I was going to hold on to them for a while until I decided what I would do with them. Then, after a day or two, I got an email and call from Netsol/Verisign saying they couldn't be registered due to their adult (and arguably offensive) nature.

Naturally, I was very disappointed and did consider legal action but in the end I thought "ok, fair enough". After all, the names were perhaps a little too 'racy'...

Three months later, I checked to see if the names could still be regged and was expecting to either see that they were still showing as available to reg (only for some poor soul to later find out they couldn't be) OR that Netsol/Verisign had put up a message saying they couldn't now be regged.

BUT, what did I see?..

I was utterly shocked to see that ALL 4 names had a registrant! Worse still, I typed in the names to see fully fitted-out sites, all on a theme, and all highly professional. I checked again some weeks later, and the situ was the same.

I'm sure mine is not an isolated case either...
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