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Re: Just lost a .cn domain

Originally Posted by blackops View Post
One or two people tell you this, and they now form your 'global' view on this issue?! :o The truth is, CNNIC are probably far more honest and upfront than "Verisign" ... Speaking from my own experience, in 1996...
Back in 1996, I've no doubt things were less transparent and there were few rules.. but that was 13 years ago.. a lot has changed since then.

We are talking about today.

and today what we are hearing is that Verisign like many other registrys have a due process for "taking" domains. And although people will argue that the outcome was/wasn't fair; - it is still a democratic process. You are guaranteed to be able to speak and you will be heard, and someone else will make a decision based on public rules.

today what we are hearing from more than a few people and more than a few examples, is with CNNIC, is that there is no democracy, no process. You have no voice and you have no rights. All that happens is you wake up one morning and your domain might/might not have been taken.
This lack of democracy might be the way things are done in China... who am I to say whether it is a good or bad thing...

.. but my point still stands - if you cannot trust that your domain will not be taken without due process, then it can only hold back the value of the domain.
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