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Re: Just lost a .cn domain

Originally Posted by Alphamale View Post
.. but my point still stands - if you cannot trust that your domain will not be taken without due process, then it can only hold back the value of the domain.
You make some good points, but I fail to see how "due process" hasn't already occurred here - Phio said himself that the name was "probably too sexy in nature" and in article 7 of the CNNIC terms it specifically prohibits indecent domain names, so where exactly is the surprise that it was taken?

Or, are you saying that China itself has no "due process"?..

As DG has rightfully pointed out, if CNNIC took a "normal" name i.e. a non contentious domain, for no reason, then it would effect the .cn aftermarket. But, in the 12 years that CNNIC has been operating, there has never (to my knowledge) been a single case where that has happened.
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