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Re: Domain names get an international flavour - Sydney Morning Herald

Originally Posted by 555 View Post
THIS time next year, you may be able to register your online business domain name in another language, thanks to a concept called Internationalisation of Domain Names (IDNs).
oh shit, what have I been registering all these years.. why have I got 9 year old IDN's in my Moniker account?

yet another article from mainstream press who buy into all this IDN's don't exist yet. Too effin funny. And we wonder why 99.99999999999999999 % of people don't realise they exist today. *sigh*

Breaking news!

Originally Posted by some know nothing
THIS time next year, you may be able to climb into a metal object and have it move you from A to B (and maybe even C), thanks to a concept called "the Car"
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