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Re: Websites for domains auctions and sales

Originally Posted by Giant

Let me show you the first problem you could have. Any site wants to succeed in China has to have a domain name with extention Dot Com! Have you seen these company use Dot CN?,,,,,
Thanks for the advice Giant!

Regarding what i think is a comment for my 域名论坛.cn -anyway im not asking because of this but im asking about sales or auctions websites because i tried to get interesting domains at good prices and those forums have been a nice place-, anyway for 域名论坛.cn well the way i see all these websites started billions of years ago in the .com boom preinternautic era thats why ascii .com.....or which one of them are using IDNs? None, give some years to IDNs, and then we will see which idn .com or .cn or both. You cant be sure will be better in 5 years than because they arent being used and we gotta wait to see the role of the chinese government when IDNs will be used massively, to support .cn or to ban easily foreign .com's I would like to see in 2008 China banning easily foreign .com for my nationalistic .cn approach portfolio

By the way, I think Giant u got awesome stuff, my envy is huge. Congrats!
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