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Re: Worth keeping these two .cn? 脚本.cn and 国内.cn

Tough call and I am in two minds...

This is as the searches (exact match) are low for them both...
5400 (G) and 15K (Baidu) monthly for 脚本 and 2900 (G) and 3690 (Baidu) per month for 国内 (however broad match, is as would be expected very high for 国内 and ok for 脚本).

国内 = domestic... but note that a better translation is inside/within China
(it is used more in the context to mean "within China" - but should arguably be used by a true native / local really and goes back to the cultural idea of "inside country" and "outside country", where China "centre country" was seen as the centre of the world and anything outside the country is perhaps strange, undesireable etc. - in traditional implied usage, rather than 100% strict meaning today)
i.e. it is a powerful term to mean a "Chinese" thing, concept, or whatever comes after it in a sentance... most common usage is "In China it is..." or "In China we..." (in a sense it is perhaps a very nationalistic term, so may grow in power as China and Chinese nationalism does).

Therefore it could be used as a powerful site name, if for something is related to things / something inside of China (but would be strange for a foreign company in China to use for example).

脚本 = script/code (e.g. code or script for computer programming)

You decide if you want to keep them or not...
(sorry can not be more help than that and hope comment help)

Cheers, Asiaplay
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