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Re: Worth keeping these two .cn? 脚本.cn and 国内.cn

I think the answer is, "can you think of a model for each of these two IDNs to make money if developed - which is why I didn't make a final call for you (as maybe you can very easily).

Agree with Mgrohan's comments - 脚本 could be something like hotscripts (but not sure how they exactly make money and his comments on java etc. are right) and 国内 I think Mgrohan was spot on also, news, articles, China guide or tourism for locals perhaps.

Reason I mention development, is that I think that perhaps both IDNs will take awhile for a local to "think" to use for their branding power and develop (so for investment only and not own development, I suspect / guess that it will be a medium to longer term one for return on investment... ).

Hope additional comments help - cheers, Andrew
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