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Re: Ꮋ.com ( ) for US $405.00


i'm new here and i don't want to start any flame.

i find the auction in the limits of what can be seen as an "honest" sell, in absense of a better word, but totally legit. the symbol even is present in cyrillic and greek languages, besides latin based languages. so, the buyer could even know what it is buying and have some purpose to it. maybe he likes to have one letter/symbol domains...

there is the information that's an IDN but it is true it lacks the important information what the symbol is in reality and what can be done with it.

but this is business.

one can't ever be totally honest when the product that is selling has some "defect". if one as a house to sell and has some leaks on the pipes no one is going to say to the buyer "hey, this house is not good. there are many problems with it so you should not buy it from me". this is an extreme example but i think you get my idea.

also, when selling any product one has to emphasize the good aspects not the bad ones.

finally, who is buying has to make proper investigation. i'm new to IDN but until now i did not start buying everything that i see or believe in everything that i read. I try to understand the business, if there is any problems, etc.

This has to be done in every aspect of life, not only in business. Everyone has to be more critic and make some effort in understanding things.

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