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Re: French Articles in Domain Names

That should be "" ("monde" is masculine)

Here's the thing... people will register anything when their 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice etc. is already gone. If the .com is gone, get the cctld. If that's gone, get the .net. Sometimes things get so bad that people register a ".cc" or a ".ws".

Similarly, people use hyphens or an "e" or "i" in front of a word, for example.

The presence of an article in a French domain does not automatically reduce the value of the domain to ZERO, but it does reduce it. Domain valuations aren't black or white, valuable or zero - they are valued on a continuum.

The argument in the other thread started because the presence of the article wasn't disclosed in the translation, not because it automatically reduced the value to nothing.

Take for example. It's perfectly fine to build a business site around, but the domain's owner can't possibly expect it to be worth even a tiny fraction of "" even though both translate to "hotel" (actually, that's not even strictly true in this case - l'hotel means "the hotel" so the English equivalent of would be The difference in value is probably 10,000x or more. This difference is concealed when a simple one word translation is supplied without additional qualification.
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