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Re: How many domains u register per day or week on average?

Originally Posted by idnceo
I wonder if u guys register per day, per week? for the people working registering only on payday? or u just do research and then register a lot that day? I guess u can find as many as u want in a day if u are working on many languages. but yeah i wonder, how many IDNs u register per day or week on average?

I guess for many the budget is the limit or in some cases the gusto to register only generic domains. In my case, not a single day without at least new domains. My new habit.
I register per day. If I see something good, I generally take it on the spot. I am pickier now about what I take as I am pretty satisfied with my portfolio as it is. I am also near my comfort zone with regards to budget, I could ride out the next 2 or 3 years if I had to with what I have got. These days I average probably 5 per day on any given week. If work gets real busy I may go a day or two without regging but usually with a little work developing sites at night.

Hey idnceo what is the IDN gossip among the Japanese domainers and on japanese langauge forums. Is anyone talking about IDN seriously or not? Any transactions etc?
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