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Re: How many domains u register per day or week on average?

Originally Posted by idnceo
I wish i could say all my domains are great, but it is obvious that the more IDN one get, higher odds that some will turn to be great ones. Right now everything is speculation, we can think we have gold but maybe it wont be like that. I bet on the 4 corners, chinese .com and .cn , japanese .jp and .com . Which one will be better .com or cctld? i cant tell, i say that in japan .jp but if it is not, i already have a stock of .com waiting just in case...

i dont want to miss the opportunity for being stubborn thinking im right about .com or .jp .cn or .com, i bet on every corner, that way no matter which side gets higher ROI, ill also win.
I would say you have a very good strategy.

Yes, right now everything is speculation. Maybe we are just dreaming, but our dream is so beautiful! At the end, if our dream does come true, we have a happy reality, if not, we have a good dream. Bill Gate has a lot of money to buy him a very satisfied reality, but his money cannot guarantee him a good dream at night. So we have nothing to lose, either we will have a beautiful future like Bill's, or a good dream he envies. ---> Let's spend more now and keep dreaming...

--A salesman from Verisign.

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.

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