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Re: IDN gTLD fast track

Originally Posted by sbe18 View Post

my prediction is Verisign wins because it is a TLD issue..
uses the confusingly similar standard, and CNNIC caves...then
grandfathers those
ccTLD registries like CNNIC and Verisign have fought this for years. What Verisign has done in the past is preventing IDN ccTLD from going to fast track along. They want IDN ccTLD to carry IDN gTLD. However, it seems Verisign has lost this battle. Why CNNIC does not want IDN gTLD to go fast track with IDN ccTLD? Because China wants to control IDN gTLD, too. Maybe even all Chinese gTLD.

The fight will continue, and Verisign may eventually lose the IDN war.

Verisign cannot win the war because it is just a company who is against the interest of many governments. Verisign has already gained the monopoly by controlling the strongest .com TLD. No foreign governments, especially Russian and China, want more of their internet controlled by an American based company.

.com is .com. Promoting the IDN version of .com is like rebranding. It only hurts .com.
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