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Re: How many domains u register per day or week on average?

Originally Posted by touchring
I do admire your confidence in, but at the same time, you have to be aware of currency differences - the cost of goods in Japan and China differ.

I take an example, when i took the airport coach from Narita to Haneda airport (80-100km journey), a 1 hr journey, the ticket cost me 3000 Yen - my most expensive bus ride ever.

The following year, i took a similar coach ride, but this time from Shanghai's Pudong Airport to Hongqiao airport, also a 80-100km journey 1 hour journey, but this time it cost me 30-35 yuan (can't remember exact).
In my opinion, the good thing about chinese .cn or .com is that is 100% speculation, u can say whatever price and nobody knows how things will be in 10 years, so higher revenue based purely on the domain and china growth speculation.

On the other hand, in japan things are more clear. But it is true, it is amazing how cheap is to start a campaign on china google, even many famous expensive keywords in japan have only bids of ¥100 in china. I got one idn that have bids bids ¥1900 / ¥2100 in japan and i saw the highest bid is only ¥40 in china but well china got 12 times more people to click.
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