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News: IDN at .name, de-domains of 23.october, IDN at .eu

.name with IDN

The introduction of .name with IDN will start at
Sunday, 5.00 UTC. Non-ASCII characters will be
allowed for .NAME second-level and third-level
domain names. IDNs for email forwarding are not
part of the launch. The price of a successful
registered .name-Domain is 60 EURO.

Please send your order with puny code to

If you send the order with the original special
characters, then please send a word-or
PDF-Dokument with these Domainnames.


Auction: De-Domains of 23rd October

We auction de-domains of 23rd October. Minimum
offer is 60 EURO/Domain. You can also submit an
offer for the whole package.

End of auction: 11.11.2009.

Offers by e-mail to


.eu with IDN

Starting 10 December 2009, companies and private
persons based in the European Union will be able
to register .eu Internationalised Domain Names

IDNs are domain names that contain non-ASCII
characters. These characters include, for example,
the Swedish å, the German ü, the Romanian s, and
characters from the Bulgarian and Greek alphabets
as a whole.

Hans-Peter Oswald -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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