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Re: How many domains u register per day or week on average?

Originally Posted by idnceo
When u buy u know the size and the economy of Japan, no risk but not playing so much on speculation as the case of chinese domains. Exactly like real estate on Shanghai and Beijing, prices are going way too high and all based on pure speculation on the future of China.
Domain names' value cannot be measured by the size of the economy alone.

If you compare things this way then you will have:

Size of Economy of the president of Sony corporation = Size of Economy of 1000 Chinese internet users.

-If you sell books online, would you target the president of Sony or 1000 regular users?

-China is developing, the Chinese families are still in the stage of furnishing their homes. Japanese homes have everything they need. Who do you think would have the greater potential purchasing power?

-Chinese domain names will be used by 100 million overseas Chinese too, that will make Chinese domains true global domain names. The demand for Chinese domain names will exceed that of Japanese's.

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.

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