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Re: How many domains u register per day or week on average?

Originally Posted by Giant
The demand for Chinese domain names will exceed that of Japanese's.
Giant, thats exactly my point. For a quick cash, next year looks more promising the japanese ones, but i can wait, japanese ones can pay for the renewall fee of my chinese ones, and who knows in 10 years from now i can cash out the chinese ones very well. Even now, u see high prices on domains on eachnic just based on speculation. The obvious point is once a domain is taken, sayonara domain. I prefer to get my stock of chinese domains now, even when i wont get much PPC out of them as the japanese, later i will.

You own more than 1000 chinese domains, right? Believe me, you are becoming the native chinese domainer i admire the most with another 2 guys from Shanghai i see on chinese forums.
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