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Re: IDN Russian Domain (.com) VS (.eu) VALUE???

Hi Eurumy,

People in this forum are not big fans of .eu generally - so you are unlikely to get too many positive comments.

Really the value will be based on what the search engines do with .eu
i.e. will that IDN turn up in the results for Russia and other Russian speaking countries (or will it just turn up in results for countries inside the EU ONLY)?

To be honest, I am yet to see a .eu website (even ascii) turn up on the first page of the search engines, even within the UK, France or Germany (maybe this is as few people have developed them - but it could also be the approach the search engines take i.e. they do not get any positive support by the search engines).
I am not 100% sure why this is or if there are examples where a ranks (as will be treated the same way).

With .com, .net and in the future .РФ, we can be sure they will have a chance to rank #1 in Russia if developed.
So in this way they are a better bet, for the for Russian market.

Hope comments help - cheers, Asiaplay
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