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商业.tv simplified chinese

I was mentioning about business but i wonder what u guys think about this one 商业.tv
after all it is mine

resuls 商业
google china 78,800,000
yahoo china 110,000,000

us. ovt
business 商业 651
Shanghai 880
Beijing 681
Adult 3828
US 381
computer 298


.com .net were registered in traditional in 2001 and .cn is reserved, so there is not simplifid domain in any of these extensions in use .com .net .cn
$1.000.000 per year for


all the cons you can imagine, starting by the fact, in china .tv is almost unknown. Anyway i just want it to believe my consolation domain is worth something. Who knows maybe in 10 years 商业.tv will pay off.

Note: i wonder who gave me a 3, i know it is bad but cmon a 3? : ( there are more users in simplified chinese than in english and in a few years, that number will increase. so a 3?!!

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