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Re: Worth keeping? A little help for a newbie, please...

Unless you have a great idea for developing them (or one of them unexpected to me, has a very high search volume per month as "exact match") - I wouldn't keep them.

As Dnnames points out, most words in Chinese are 2 or more characters - single characters can be good for "brand" development when they have a clear meaning, get lots "exact match" search volume and are a primary term for what you are developing them for...

I suggest that you always check the traffic volume for keywords...
For Simplified Chinese - CN and

For Traditional Chinese HK and (then perhaps x results by at a guess 5+ times - as google is weak in terms of market search engines share in both HK and TW - so it is a bit of a guess for those... however they have a reasonable share of the China market).

Cheers, Asiaplay
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