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Thoughts on Рейкбэк

Рейкбэкx .com

As best my research leads me, this means "rakeback" in Russian?

For those unfamiliar with poker terms: Rakeback

My reasoning for buying this name is:

1) One of the (if not *the*) most lucrative affiliate types out there is online poker

2) During the US Poker boom (which saw it's apogee about a year or two ago), the preeminent rakeback providers became fantastically wealthy by acting as an intermediary for this service

3) Russia is on the upslope of poker interest, per all technical trend indicators and casual, anecdotal discussion.

Right now, search volume for the word is very low, but I'm hoping to be well ahead of the curve on this one.

All thoughts, criticisms, advice, opinions very much welcomed.

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