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Re: Thoughts on Рейкбэк

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck View Post
So basically, on top of the inherent risk with IDN, which already seems an insurmountable barrier to paying a reasonable amount of money for domains, you expect people to take on the additional risk of an unestablished term that may never become prevalent?
"Unestablished term". The term "rakeback" itself is totally established. You may not know it as you're probably uninterested in online poker, but to anyone who knows that world, the word "rakeback" is about as standard as the word "pipe cutter" is to a plumber. Trends as of right now seem to indicate that the Russian language equivalent for rakeback is Рейкбэк, as the only other option appears to be them typing it in the English language- a pretty big barrier for non English speakers.

Not only due to cultural differences may this niche never be greatly established in Russia, but even if it is then, there is a good likelihood that it will generally be called something else entirely.

Reg Fee seems generous.
You're definitely well outside of your home field on this one. If you want to debate IDN's in general, I'll cede you that, but debating the future of Poker in Russia is probably one area where you don't want to be making large leaps of assumption, since you clearly don't know the slightest of what you're talking about.

Further, far from a "good likelihood", I see no "likelihood" whatsoever that it will be called anything else, at least as far as what can be searched and deciphered at this time (and beyond crusty, baseless nay-saying). If you can elaborate on this further- for example, pointing to an equivalent Russian word for "rakeback" that I'm not seeing- I'd love to hear it and would happily change my mind on Рейкбэк.

Two things we both agree on;
1) at this time this is certainly a regfee name
2) there is a lot of unpredictable evoloution to occur in this space

...however, the risk/reward profiles @ $8 a year are very much in my favor, barring fabrication and summary standardization of another Russian language term for rakeback.

If you knew what I know about online poker in general, Russian poker in particular and the lucre involved with online poker affiliate programs (and the durable income streams produced by rakeback affiliates), I guarantee you would've bought this name for registry fee and been happy to assume $8 worth of annual risk in exchange for the potential payoffs.

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